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The UCEF strives to develop and promote eSports in Ukraine and to find and support young talents on their way to the international arena and championship titles.

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РЕПУТАЦІЯ  Ми здійснюємо ретельний контроль за дотриманням усіх норм, правил та регламентів


We closely monitor compliance with all norms, rules, and regulations. We also value our reputation and therefore cooperate exclusively with those who share these values and honesty with their audience.

ТЕХНОЛОГИЧНОСТЬ  Програмні продукти власної розробки


In-house developed software products allow us to monitor the progress of our competitions in real-time, process statistics and aggregate the results of each match in real-time.

ПРОФЕССИОНАЛИЗМ  Наша експертиза у сфері організації кіберспортивних змагань підтверджена багаторічною практикою


After many years of practice, we have confirmed our expertise in organizing eSports competitions. Our team is always happy to share their experience, and we are always open to new suggestions.



UCEF_Олександр Зорін
UCEF_Ярослав Вознюк
UCEF_Ігор Лобко

Oleksandr Zorin

President of the UCEF

  • Basketball player, participant, and winner of Ukrainian championships.

  • Experience in Ukrainian and European ebasketball tournaments, starting with the NBA 2K15 version.

  • Promotes national and international eSports and develops a sustainable eSports ecosystem.

Yaroslav Vozniuk

Secretary General of the UCEF

  • Footballer, participant, and winner of amateur competitions.

  • He has technical experience in conducting and organizing tournaments.

  • He organizes qualifying matches and makes decisions on the admission of eSports players to tournaments.

Ihor Lobko

Chief Referee of the UCEF

  • Candidate for Master of Sports in basketball, played for CSKA Kyiv.

  • Champion of the Ukrainian First League and 1x1 basketball champion in Kyiv.

  • Multiple streetball and amateur basketball champions and prize-winners in different cities of Ukraine.

  • Controls the participants' compliance with the Regulations of esports tournaments and the principles of Fair Play.



Please complete the contact form and a UCEF representative will contact you shortly!

Kyiv city, 04076

Stepana Bandery ave. 8, b1

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