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BiZzoN_98 Gets to the Second Place in 24th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

As the last EuroCup season has just ended, we're excited to share a recap of the unfolded events. The competition reached new heights, with every division fearlessly aiming for the top spot. Let's dive deeper into the final standings.

Polish legend Neerven won the competition. In the second position, we have our renowned Ukrainian player BiZzoN_98, who, after a good start in the Upper Bracket, unfortunately suffered two losses in a row to the tournament winner. Close behind was Gruby from Croatia, best known for his recent victory in Season 22.

This season showcases our passion for supporting the CLA EuroCup. We see how the fierce rivalry between teams pushes players to excel, leading to unforgettable matches. Stay updated on the next season's Daily Qualifiers at




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