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BizZoN_98 Incredible Journey in the 25th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

The latest CLA EuroCup eFootball season came to an exciting conclusion yesterday. Let's give you a brief recap of the exciting moments that unfolded.

We're excited to spotlight BizZoN_98's journey. The Ukrainian player not only reached the Playoff this season but also kicked off his campaign by defeating a repeated CLA EuroCup champion Ostat, sending him to the Lower Bracket right from the get-go. However, BizZoN_98 then faced a prominent Croatian player Gruby, with whom he experienced his first setback. Not deterred, his next challenge was against another skilled Croatian, Banderas, who had made a remarkable ascent through the Lower Bracket. In a series of intense matches, BizZoN_98 triumphed, securing second place and moving on to the grand final for a rematch with Gruby. Despite a fierce battle, Gruby prevailed, leaving BizZoN_98 in second place. which is still an incredible result. 

This season was filled with excitement and unexpected developments. We applaud BizZoN_98 for his incredible performance and look forward to his future successes. Meanwhile, the Daily Qualifiers for the upcoming season have begun. Follow our players' progress at




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