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BiZzoN_98 wins ESUL Qualifications: Tournament Recap

Last Wednesday concluded the final stage of the qualifying competitions for the ESEL#1 FIFA23 tournament. Organized by the Esports Ukrainian League (ESUL), the tournament offered a generous 20 000 UAH prize pool and the opportunity for the top 4 places to participate in the future ESEL#1 Championship with a $2500 prize pool.

The competition was fearsome. Among the 32 players, there were many prominent names, such as Kingsman, Atlanta_g23, dm1trena00, and one of the most titled Ukrainian FIFA player Yozhyk. CLA was represented by members of its Ukranian division: BiZzoN_98, D3VA, and Ganger_29.

The tournament began with a Group Stage. There, the players clashed in round-robin matches, followed by the Bo3 single-elimination Playoffs. To keep the audience entertained, the Finals were played in a Bo5 format.

Our players didn’t encounter many troubles in the Group Stage. Despite the quality of the rivals and BiZzoN_98’s devastating loss due to technical issues, all of them have successfully proceeded forward, with each scoring 3+ wins.

The Playoffs further reinforced CLA's position in this tournament as both Ganger_29 and BiZzoN_98 were able to win their respective matches against dm1trena00 and kivich49. Special attention should also be brought to the duel between D3VA and Yozhyk. All of their matches went overtime, proving the intensity of the fight. D3VA and Yozhyk demonstrated their outstanding skills and strong will to win, yet

D3VA eventually managed to prevail, ending the series with a confident score of 2:0. This victory over such an experienced opponent highlights D3VA's ability to perform well in the most challenging conditions.

The semi-finals decided who would get the chance to claim the title of the ultimate champion. Firstly Ganger_29 played with BiZzoN_98, which turned out as a real test for both players. This encounter was full of tension and exciting plays, and BiZzoN_98 had to demonstrate outstanding resilience to come out on top with a final score of 2:1 and advance further in the competition. Afterward, D3VA secured a solid victory by defeating his opponent xxZUBASTIK_91xx in both matches.

The third place in the tournament went to the Ganger_29! The first match was a truly intense battle where Ganger_29 was able to emerge victorious with a score of 3:2. Right after that, he continued his impressive performance with a 4:2 victory over xxZUBASTIK_91xx. The well-deserved third place confirms Ganger_29's remarkable talent. We congratulate him on this achievement, and wish him further success in future competitions!

The final series between BiZzoN_98 and D3VA has proven to be a very exciting event, displaying the real potential and abilities of the CLA players. The first match was tight and ended with a close 4:3 victory for BiZzoN_98. This has shown that both players can fight on equal terms and will give everything they’ve got during the finals. In the second match, BiZzoN_98 followed up his impressive streak with a swift 3-1 victory. The third match was especially spectacular. It started with BiZzoN_98 leading 6:0. However, D3VA didn't give up and showed a real fight, almost breaking even, ending the match with a close score of 6:5. Thus, BiZzoN_98 managed to win the tournament, grabbing the cash prize of 10 000 UAH, and D3VA got the respectable second place going out with 6 000 UAH.

We are proud of our players' fantastic run. We are confident, that they will demonstrate similar results in the upcoming ESEL#1 Championship.


UCEF team


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