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CLA EuroСup eFootball Season 31 Results: Croatian Domination Helps to Set New Horizon for CLA Ukraine

CyberLive!Arena once again allowed its fans to experience the thrill of engaging in a competitive environment by hosting the 31st season of CLA EuroСup eFootball tournament. With the season 31 concluded, let’s dive into the results:

This time the top positions were divided by the players of CLA Croatia, with Th3Prod1gy emerging victorious and Banderas and  Polish player Majkel getting second and third places accordingly.

While the Ukrainian players did not secure the top places, they showed decent performances, with an honorable mention of  Ganger_29, who unfortunately failed to reach the top when he lost a close game to Banderas.

UCEF’s main goal is to ensure the rapid development of the Ukrainian esports scene. That's why we are actively supporting various events like CLA EuroСup. We believe this creates the best competitive environment, where our players can self-improve and show off their skills while also elevating Ukrainian esports to the international level.

Congratulations to the Ukrainian division for the truly inspirational performance. We know that it will fuel CLA Ukraine’s players to strive for new heights and set them on the path to victory in the upcoming Season 31 of the CLA EuroCup eFootball. If you are interested in following our players' progress, visit the tournament page on CyberLive!Arena website at:




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