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CLA Jouney in UEFA eEURO 2024

This weekend marked the end of the second phase of the  UEFA eEURO 2024 Ukraine qualifiers. This tournament featured just about 80 best eFootball players from the region, who battled for the honor of representing Ukraine in the main event set for March. There were also a plethora of CLA players participating, and we're proud to be able to present to you a short review of their journey.

In total, CLA was represented by D3VA, Ganger_29, myxlunka, BiZzoN_98, BPBP94, Ke4_official, Pavlinho19, PhoeniX, k1w1Q, and Keeviex with the addition of CLA coaching team member kiser.

The qualifiers were divided into 2 stages. With over 70 competitors, the first stage was a Bo1 format. Despite the fierce competition, D3VA, Ganger_29, myxlunka, BiZzoN_98 and BPBP94 made it through to the top 16. They all went through to the next stage. The second stage of the competition consisted of a double-elimination bracket with two rounds. Unfortunately, this proved to be a stopping point for our players, as none of them were able to progress to the final.

We are very proud of our players' efforts. It was a tough competition, but they all showed immense prowess and dedication to the victory. We believe that events such as this are the perfect opportunity to sharpen their skills despite the results. We eagerly await their future participation in similar tournaments.




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