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CLA Moves Forward With New Football Simulator

We are thrilled to announce that from 30th October, all CLA eFootball tournaments will be switching to the EA Sports FC 24 game environment. Be aware that the overall number of events and the schedule will remain unchanged.

The revolutionary HyperMotion V technology, which allows live football footage to be integrated directly into the game, has been integrated into the latest installment of the series. In addition, the new PlayStyles feature has also been implemented to enhance the gameplay experience further.

Both CLA EuroCup and Regular tournaments will be influenced by these changes. The match settings have been adjusted to make the matches both fair for the players and exciting for the audience.

We are delighted to witness our partners keep up with the latest esports trends. This transition will allow players from CLA Ukraine to constantly train in the newest possible title, as most of the tournaments outside of the CLA have already switched to FC 24.




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