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Croatia Celebrates Victory: CLA EuroCup eFootball Season 14 Recap

This weekend, Season 14 of the CLA EuroCup eFootball ended. The unique format allows EuroCup to remain one of the most exciting esports events in Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the final standings.

First place was decided in a duel between Croatian player JokerTole and Polish player Damianek. In the end, JokerTole managed to come out on top, leaving Damianek in second position. The podium was rounded up by another Croatian player, Banderas.

Despite the Ukrainian division not making it into the Top 3, their unwavering resilience was evident, and they certainly proved to be formidable opponents. UCEF remains committed to supporting EuroCup and similar events, as our primary goal is to elevate Ukraine's esports scene to an international level.

The 15th season is already in motion. Keep an eye out for the results at:




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