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EPC Takes the Lead With the New Football Simulator

We are happy to inform you that from October 9th, all EPC eFootball and eFutsal competitions will shift to EA Sports FC24. This won’t have any impact on the number of events or the schedule.

With the addition of brand-new HyperMotion V technology, the latest entry in the series takes a huge leap ahead in terms of quality. It also features several gameplay improvements and the new PlayStyles mechanic.

UCEF will continue to provide full support for the Ukrainian Conference, making sure the players get the best gaming environment possible. On that note, game settings are already tweaked for a perfect balance between fair play standards and viewer engagement.

We are delighted to see this move from our long-lasting partners, as we also see it as the most beneficial for both the audience and the players. Stay tuned to our news feed for more exciting updates from the esports world.




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