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Esport Pro Club Launches 2 New Esports Titles

Our partners, Esport Pro Club, are announcing some interesting adjustments and additions to the tournaments as the esports industry continues to expand and adapt. With the inclusion of eFutsal and eBasketball Euroleague, we are convinced that the EPC will continue to strive to offer fans and participants the finest experience possible. The league originally included eFootball. This intriguing new game will be based on the "Volta", game mode of the sports simulator FIFA 23. Volta is a distinct and exciting game mode that gives the classic sport of football a street football twist. The outcome is a thrilling, quick-paced game that is ideal for esports.

15 of the best gamers will battle against one another in eFutsal, including players like Sofa, Limbo, Kanon, Roanokay, Tristis, Xellark, Denatoo, Alukard, and Holland. There will be 15 tournaments every day, featuring the following competitions:

EPC Rome Volta Cyber Cup FIFA 23

EPC Dubai Volta Cyber Cup FIFA 23

EPC Milan Volta Cyber Cup FIFA 23

EPC Sydney Volta Cyber Cup FIFA 23

EPC Berlin Volta Cyber Cup FIFA 23

You won't want to miss these games if you're an esports enthusiast. Live coverage of the games will be available around the clock at Watch the action and support your favorite players as they compete on the virtual field.

Additionally, the Euroleague eBasketball has been introduced by our partners. These intriguing new competitions will be based on NBA 2K23 with the "EuroLeague" add-on mod. The EuroLeague mod allows players to feel the thrill and fervor of European basketball by bringing the finest European teams and players to the game.

Fans will have plenty of opportunity to see the action as there will be four tournaments each day spanning from 8:00 to 23:00. Make sure to tune in and watch as some of the top players in the world compete in a sports simulator since the matches will be live streamed on

At UCEF, we are constantly thrilled for our partners as they grow and explore brand-new, exciting ways to connect with fans and athletes. You should thus pay attention and keep a close check on everything, whether you're a lover of basketball or soccer. We eagerly anticipate discovering the winner!


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