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Fisherman Gets First Place in the Final Six in The 15th Season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball

The curtains have closed on another exciting CLA EuroCup season, as always, treating fans with the best eBasketball action. See how the events unfolded by taking a look at the final standings.

An impressive lead of 15 EuroCup Points goes to Croatian player Fisherman. This is quite an impressive result, only once achieved back in the 6th Season by another Croatian legend, Octopi. Second place was secured by the Polish player Gdm, while third place went to kudo_03.

The Ukrainian division, despite not reaching the top three, demonstrated remarkable tenacity, contributing to a series of engaging matches. UCEF's ongoing support for similar events ensures Ukrainian players continue to display their outstanding talents.

The upcoming season is already here. Keep an eye on for the latest updates.




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