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Fosters23 from CLA Ukraine Takes Third Place in Debut Season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball

The thrilling first season of the CLA EuroCup eBasketball tournament has come to a close, leaving fans excited and eagerly anticipating the next season. After three weeks of intense competition, Fosters23 representing CLA Ukraine emerged as a standout performer, securing the bronze medal. Now, let's explore the final standings and celebrate the achievements of the first CLA EuroCup eBasketball awardees.

KD_23_13 from CLA Poland secured the coveted first-place position, while General77 proudly claimed second place for Croatia. Fosters23 from CLA Ukraine completed the top three, showcasing the tournament's exceptional talent pool and diversity.

The Ukrainian Cybersports Events Federation has been instrumental in driving the growth of the eBasketball community in the country. With our active involvement, the future of Ukrainian eBasketball looks brighter than ever, promising exciting opportunities for talented players to excel and make their mark in the competitive esports landscape.

While Fosters23 and the Ukrainian division bask in their well-deserved success this season, their journey is far from over. Brace yourselves as the Qualifiers for Season 2 kick off today, opening the door for new talents to light up the stage. So let’s rally behind CLA Ukraine with unwavering support, as they aim to exceed their previous season's accomplishments.




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