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Majkel Claims Victory in The 20th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

Last weekend marked the conclusion of the 20th CLA EuroCup eFootball season. Each contestant gave their all, showcasing incredible performances. In keeping with our tradition, we're excited to share a brief recap of the first 2024 EuroCup eFootball event!

Majkel, a multiple-time Polish champion, clinched the top spot. He began his journey in the Group Stage from the upper bracket, navigating through several close games to reach the finale. In the decisive match, he outplayed the well-known Croatian competitor, TUNA13, who secured second place. Schabson, another representative from CLA Poland, earned the third spot.

This season was incredibly entertaining for us. Every division demonstrated exceptional vigor and determination in their quest for victory. The outcomes suggest that the upcoming year promises to be as thrilling as this one

A kind reminder that the next season is already here. Check out the results at




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