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Majkel takes gold in the 18th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

The latest season of CLA EuroCup has come to an exciting close, featuring top players from various European countries battling fiercely to determine the best. Let us provide a concise results summary.

Just like last season, Majkel from Poland secured the top spot. Following closely behind was the Croatian player Banderas, who, at one point, managed to outplay Majkel but ultimately secured second place in the finals.  Claiming the third spot was another Croatian player, TheKum53. Despite achieving four consecutive victories, his remarkable streak was halted by Majkel in the semi-finals.

Despite not breaking to the podium, the Ukrainian division showed remarkable resilience and provided some high-quality games. UCEF remains committed to providing ongoing support for similar competitions, offering Ukrainian players a continued platform to showcase their exceptional skills.

The upcoming season is already underway. Check out to be updated on how it unfolds.




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