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Ostat Celebrates Victory in the 23rd Season of the CLA EuroCup eFootball

We're excited to unveil a short overview of the 23rd CLA EuroCup eFootball season, which was filled with exhilarating matches and unexpected turns.

Ostat from Poland claimed the championship, maintaining an unbeaten streak in the Playoff and demonstrating a strong performance. Not far behind, Th3Prod1gy from Croatia secured second place. Starting from the Lower Bracket, he has managed to win against a number of formidable opponents, including Majkel from Poland and a renowned member of the Ukrainian division, Ganger_29. Completing the trio of leaders was another strong contender from Croatia. TheKum53.

This season definitely highlighted the formidable presence of Croatian competitors, impressing us with their relentless drive and skill. Their achievements set high expectations and fueled our Ukrainian players. We are eagerly awaiting how it will affect the upcoming seasons.

With the new season already unfolding, ensure you're up-to-date by visiting




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