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Polish Division Triuphs with Ostat Taking Gold in 26th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

We are pleased to bring you a recap of the exciting 26th CLA EuroCup eFootball season. This season has been full of exciting matches and fascinating encounters. Let's take a look at the final standings.

First place went to the repeated CLA EuroCup Champion from Poland, Ostat. In the final match, he faced another Polish legend, Neerven, and won, leaving the latter in second place. Renowned Croatian player TheKum53 took third place. We also want to acknowledge the presence of the famous Ukrainian player D3VA, who, despite not making it to the Top 3, has managed to outplay another strong Polish competitor, Majkel

UCEF continues to support events like the CLA EuroCup, as they offer our players an ideal platform to improve and compete internationally. This falls perfectly in line with our goal, which is the promotion of the esports scene in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the next season is already underway. Keep an eye on our blog, or check out the results yourself at




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