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The International 10

The International 10 starts tomorrow.

Probably many people know what kind of event it is, but just in case, we will remind you.

The International 2021 (or The International 10 or TI10) is the world championship and the largest Dota 2 tournament held with the direct participation of Valve.

This is the tenth championship of this series, in which the largest amount of money by the standards of e-sports tournaments, namely $ 40 million, will be held in Bucharest (Romania) from 07.10 to 17.10.

There are 18 teams participating in the group stage: the top 12 teams in the Dota Pro Circuit rating went directly to TI10. And the remaining six participants in the championship were determined by participating in the regional qualifying stages in the CIS, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, North and South America.

Unfortunately, this year we have only two teams from the CIS region - Virtus Pro and Team Spirit will fight for high places.

The favorites of the championship are:

PSG.LGD (China)

OG (Europe)

EG (America)

We present to your attention the following groups:

Credit: Valve Corporation We are waiting for bright and impressive battles !!


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