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The_Professor Enters the Final Six in the 18th Season of the CLA EuroCup eBasketball

The latest season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball has wrapped up, leaving us with many memorable moments. This season brought us some spectacular close matches, truly captivating the essence of esports action we all love. Let's delve into the final standings.

The top spot went to the experienced Croatian player, Virovec77, renowned for his outstanding win back in Season 11. The runner-up was the Polish competitor kudo_03. The bronze position was earned by Croatian star General77, famed for his regular participation in the Final Six. We also would like to mention the achievements of Ukrainian player The_Professor, who, despite truly fierce competition, has managed to enter the Top 6. 

UCEF remains dedicated to supporting esports events like the CLA EuroCup. We see this as an excellent opportunity for Ukrainian players to improve their skills and display them on an international level. We are excited to see them more frequently in top positions.

The next season is already underway. To follow the action, visit




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