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Ukraine Took the Lead in Season 13 of the CLA EuroCup eFootball

When you might have thought that the EuroCup meta was getting stale, here comes Season 13 to turn things around. It was filled with breathtaking moments, and overall, it was just an exciting event to watch. Let’s dive deeper into the final standings.

This season, CLA Ukraine definitely took the lead, with the championship landing in the hands of the notorious BiZzoN_98. This makes it his second EuroCup win; congratulations! Second place also went to the Ukrainian player Ganger_29, who was stopped just one game before victory. And finally, the Top 3 was closed for the second consecutive season by the Croatian player TUNA13.

Season 13 has shown the true potential of the Ukrainian division, and we are delighted to see them taking back some of their positions. We are confident that the future seasons will only add more fuel to our players' fire.

The Daily Qualifiers for Season 14 are already in full swing. Join and cheer for our champions at




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