"There is no greater victory than victory over oneself!" - so wrote the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who himself participated in the Olympic Games.

Pierre de Coubertin repeatedly said how important a high result is for sport. At the same time, the founder of modern Olympism understood perfectly well that there is a boundary, which cannot be crossed even for the sake of the most outstanding result. It is "guarded" by ethics, nobility, and chivalrous behavior. "Went abroad" - betrayed these qualities, lost the title of a real athlete!


The principle of fair play and ethics are important values in the world of sports.

Taking into account the worldwide experience of the organizations we decided to create an independent team of experts, which will analyze the behavioral factors and other attributes of the game from the unified rules of fair play and control of their fulfillment.


We are implementing measures to prevent violations that affect the results of the competition. Respect for the opponent, for the rules of the game, self-control of the cyber-sportsman in the ability to adequately perceive any outcome of the competitive game and restraint of emotions is the foundation of sports behavior, and equal starting conditions are the guarantee of fairness in all tournaments. Guided by these principles we do our best to develop tournaments in the general ecosystem of eSports.


We are pleased to introduce you to our team of experts:

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Kyiv city, 04076

Stepana Bandery ave. 8, b1


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