Most organizations see the esports industry only as a competitive environment with an entertainment function; we see esports as a powerful tool that can provide support and assistance with social adaptation and rehabilitation to anybody who finds themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Orphans especially require assistance and support, as well as the attention of caring adults, effective treatment, and decent care. Only 10% of orphanage graduates are able to live an independent life. They struggle with school and employment, are prone to addictions, and are easily manipulated by others. By helping these youngsters today, we give them a chance in life.


In December 2021, the UCEF team, in cooperation with the "Favbet Foundation" charity organization, launched the "CLA 4 KIDS" initiative. The program’s goal is to provide teenagers who have grown up without parental care and financial assistance with the chance to acquire skills that will lead to professional success and generate opportunities for self-employment.

To get the boys acquainted with the world of eSports, the UCEF team will conduct a number of unique events in Ukrainian orphanages and boarding schools:

  • Professional workshops featuring top CLA gamers.

  • Esports tournaments in the most popular sports simulators.

  • Modern gaming rooms set up (the next-gen consoles, gamepads, smart TVs, and other essential attributes of a professional gamer).

The most proactive and talented kids will be able to join the CLA squad to further develop their eSports skills with the full support of the federation and the UCEF’s partners:


  • Barsky - professional ergonomic gaming furniture manufacturer;

  • Domino's Pizza - international pizza chain.

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We truly believe in every young gamer’s ultimate success and uniqueness, so we will make every effort to provide them with that very feeling - of a vast and friendly eSports family!